Which translations?

  • Translations for Belgian citizens
  • Official documents needed abroad: birth certificates, diplomas/certificates, police certificates/criminal records, divorce decrees, etc.
  • Translations for foreign citizens in Belgium.
  • Official foreign documents that need to be translated for use in Belgium: birth certificates, affidavit of single status / certificates of non-impediment, diplomas/certificates, driving licences, etc.
  • Translations for Belgians living abroad.
  • Documents for foreign authorities: wills, deeds; birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc.
  • Translations for companies.
  • Experienced expertise in nautical / maritime, legal, commercial, financial, nutritional, ecological translations.
  • Articles of association, instruments of incorporation, technical manuals, website texts, etc.

Translation rates

  • All language combinations: € 1,10 per full line of 60 signs
    (incl. punctuation and spaces) (price not including VAT of 21%)
  • For very specialised translations or sharp deadlines a surplus may be charged
  • Minimum price for short translations: € 50 (VAT not included)
  • For every translation you will be informed in advance of the final price.

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