US Elections 11/03/20

Fourty-three years ago. 1977-1978, I was a guest in the US, for some 10 months.
My host-family, above all, their relatives, the teachers at Pal-Mac, friends and neighbours were all decent, good people, meaning well and working or studying to the best of their abilities.
Coming from Europe, as an adolescent, America struck me for its people being enthusiastic, positive, dynamic and outgoing.
It was different from Europe, that my (for one year) fellow Americans knew litte of. and vice versa as I learned from the day of my arrival in Detroit.
Elvis died that August 16th, Jimmy Carter was president, Hubert Humphrey died of cancer.
But most people were very much alive and kicking! I felt spoilt being part of the American high school life. Loved soccer, enjoyed the week-ends with friends, got snow-blasted, went to fairs, barbecues and senior parties.

America was great then and is still great. It needs not be greater.
Let’s hope America will be America again, and a bright future will be ahead for the States and for the entire world.

Thank you for voting with your heart and your head xx

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